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Benalla Travel | TripCase
An independently-owned, award winning travel management company that offers professional advice, expertise and highly personalised service for savvy leisure and corporate travellers. Based in Benalla, North East Victoria.
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Today’s travellers move faster and have a lot more information to keep track of – flight times, hotel addresses, client meetings, transportation from the airport…the list goes on. TripCase gives travellers a single place to easily manage all the details of a trip. As changes occur to flight schedules, travellers can be notified directly on their smartphone or wearable device.  Travellers can access TripCase at no cost through the website or mobile app. With TripCase, a traveler is provided with up-to-date itinerary details, valuable tools and exclusive travel information – before and during each trip.

Getting Started with TripCase

one. Visit from your mobile web browser

two. Enter your name, email address and password or sign-in using your existing Facebook credentials

three. Download TripCase in the Google Play or Apple App Store or visit on your mobile web browser

four. Be amazed as you see your trips automatically load in your account and stay updated as changes occur