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Benalla Travel | Corporate Travel
An independently-owned, award winning travel management company that offers professional advice, expertise and highly personalised service for savvy leisure and corporate travellers. Based in Benalla, North East Victoria.
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Corporate Travel

Travel Management Service
Benalla Travel specialises in exceptional service and travel expertise for business travelers. We understand that business travel needs to be cost effective, flexible and secure. Our travel managers have comprehensive destination knowledge for city, regional, interstate and international bookings and will source the best available travel route based on route directness, cost of fares, company travel policies and individual booking requirements. It’s extremely importance to us that we build and maintain strong relationships with all our clients insuring 24/7 service support and comprehensive travel reporting. We are flexible and diligent when it comes to personal preferences for business travel and will work closely with the corporate culture of each business.

Benalla Travel is a member of CT Partners, the largest and most influential independent travel buying network in Australia. Established in 2004, CT Partners comprises 26 of the largest independent corporate travel management firms and premium leisure agencies, with a combined turnover in excess of $1 billion and growing.

CT Partners size and positioning in the Australian Travel sector, along with the unique model, offers Members full financial transparency and full pass through of supplier incentives, which means that our clients benefit from access to the most competitive air, hotel, car rental, technology and insurance rates available.  We have a global presence through our membership of the Radius Travel Network, making it easy for you to do business wherever you are in the world.

Duty of Care
Risk management planning is a vital part of protecting business travelers. Benalla Travel can assist you in developing a thorough plan that ensures you are taking the appropriate steps to provide duty of care from travel-related risks.

• Do you have a central travel policy that you have supplied to Benalla Travel with the profiles for every employee?
• Do you conduct all bookings through Benalla Travel and ensure company-wide compliance with your policy? In the event of an incident or emergency, we need to readily locate your traveler/s.
• Have you organised comprehensive travel insurance for your travelers?
• Do you advise your travelers on all health-related requirements (eg. vaccinations and precautionary medication) before they depart?
• Can you identify any potential safety hazards prior to every business trip?
• Do you ensure all visa, passport and foreign currency exchange matters have been organised prior to departure?

Travel Policies
A Travel Policy is intended to facilitate business-required travel, while managing costs and maintaining efficient business processes. The objectives are to protect the safety and wellbeing of all persons travelling. To provide management with a reporting/tracking tool for staff travel expenses, and ensure all expenditure complies.

Benalla Travel can provide you with a number of insurance options from single trip insurance to annual multi trip insurance. All options should be discussed with our travel manager and detailed in your business travel policy.

Company and Personal Travel Profiles
Company and Personal Travel Profiles detail individual travel preferences and information which helps us manage each individual travel request and company travel policies. All information collected and used is strictly in accordance with the Privacy Act and Benalla Travel’s privacy procedures. We understand that your privacy is very important and Benalla Travel is committed to protecting your privacy.

Mobile Technology
Benalla Travel’s itineraries display the PNR – passenger name record – the reservation identification for your traveler’s booking. This enables the traveler to access their booking through Sabre Virtually There via their internet enabled device, or access their booking through Sabre TripCase via their smart phone.

Benefits of Sabre Virtually There or Sabre TripCase
• Instant live access online from anywhere at any time of the day
• Email itineraries and other travel information directly to the traveler
• Check for cancellations and gate changes
• Download the itinerary to their calendar and/or Smartphone
• Travelers can check if departure times have changed
• Obtain destination information, maps, weather

Management Information Reporting and Travel Reviews
Benalla Travel can provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your business travel either on a monthly or quarterly basis. We are also available to review your travel and discuss opportunities which can provide savings on future bookings.

For more information about our services for Corporate Travel please call Frank Stephens on (03) 5762 3187 or email